Duncan's story - My World Changed


I was living an exciting life. After I qualified as an engineer, I started traveling around the world, working on diesel engines and steam turbines. It was hard work, but great fun - especially the envious reactions of people when I came back with stories of Jordan or the West Indies or Africa or wherever.....But every so often I wondered, "What's it all for?" Not that I thought too seriously about it. Nor did I consider God - I felt he was totally irrelevant after my childhood days attending Church.


On one of my trips I came to India - simply to work on some machinery on a ship. I wasn't looking for God or anything else. To my surprise though, I found He was looking for me. I met a lady from a Hindu background, who had recently become a Christian and she told me how Jesus had forgiven her sins and given her a completely new life. I liked her - though I wasn't particularly interested in the message - and went along to one of her Christian meetings. For the first time I saw people who loved God and were excited about Him. Strange that God brought me to India to see them and realise that my life was empty and actually going nowhere. When the preacher asked whether anybody there wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, I decided that I liked what these people had and responded to the invitation


I accepted Jesus as Lord of my life. He came to live in my heart. The excitement of traveling the world is nothing compared to the excitement of living with him. It is wonderful to be involved with him as He changes peoples' lives. I've seen alcoholics set free, sicknesses healed, bitter people learning to forgive, marriages restored, lonely people learning to love and be loved. All through the love and power of Jesus. And He's changing me so that one day I'll be like Him. An amazing Lord. He could change your life too - and make it exciting and worthwhile.